Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ohh boy...

 Your standing in the shower, closing your eyes and whistling a little tune, when you start to reach toward the shampoo bottle. Its second nature to you. You do it without thinking about it because your so used to doing it. But what you might not realize while you clasp the wet slippery bottle in your hands is that the contents of the soap are actually poisonous. Yes, those friendly white bubbles that float around on the bottom of your bathtub are very detrimental to your health. Sure the soap may feel like its cleaning your hair perfectly, but its also dumping chemicals into your skin that are really not good for you... at all. Its called sodium lauryl sulfate, an essential ingredient to make the soap sudsy up in your hair. Among other things, it can lead to skin damage, permanent eye damage in children and even liver toxicity. The news is not much better for sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). On the up side, SLS cannot be metabolized by the liver. But that just mean the other bad things about it hang out that much longer in your body.  And don’t forget, it is also used to degrease engines. Lovely thought. 
 But dont worry! There are other things you can use that will help keep your hair clean and keep chemicals out. As a family we use Desert Essence Organics Hair Care ( it doesn't have those bad ingredients in it). It smells AMAZING and still suds up a little. I actually noticed my hair smelling like fruit longer when using this, than when I used V8. For another great shampoo I like Dr. Bronner's, a very straight forward and down to business soap, thats great for body wash also. After using it, I notice that I feel extremely clean. Almost squeaky clean. I know that these soaps are expensive and sometimes we might not want to spend the extra money on something like that because; a) we cant see the bad effects right away and b) we can get another non-organic one that is wayyy cheaper. But listen, the soap thats good for you lasts pretty long. It doesn't take much to keep your hair clean, especially if you wash every day.