Thursday, May 5, 2011

Plastic? No, Metal.

  You may have heard of the recent studies going on about plastic water bottles and other plastic products such as Tupperware, baby bottles, toys and even metal food cans. The studies are showing that hard plastic has a chemical in it called BPA, which causes cancer and  other sicknesses. Than they came out with new studies and found that even soft plastic contains other estrogen-like compounds, still unidentified, that could have the same harmful effects as BPA. Because of these things in the plastic, every time you drink from your water bottle you are downing harmful things into your body.
  But dont worry! There are ways of keeping water with you when ever you want. Just not with plastic. Instead, invest in a nice metal stainless steel water bottle that doesn't have all those bad things in it. As a plus, the water seems to taste better from the metal ones and (at least to me) the bottles look way cooler. Go figure.

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